Shepherd's Tale is a rpg adventure game where the stars have begun falling from the sky, leaving the world in darkness.

You are a lone shepherd, who's flock is attacked by wolves at night. After losing your entire flock, you set off to warn the nearby town, and mysteriously find yourself in control of an other-worldly power as you do.

Main Features

  • Battle a variety of evil creatures in a combat system that combines elements of Hearthstone and Final Fantasy.
  • Level up through battle to visit the Astral Realm, where you can learn new abilities in your Constellation (ie your skill tree).
  • Choose between different races and abilities to find the optimal strategy.
  • Lots of music.

The game is multi-platform and can currently be played on pc, android phone or in-browser. Mac and Linux is possible also, but requires Java to be installed on your machine.

Developed by one person using Libgdx, and is currently a demo.

Fight evil creatures and collect useful items as you explore an overworld similar to that of Super Mario World or Shovel Knight. Seek out the source of the evil - the area boss - to save the town, and unlock clues to who has been messing with the stars... and if this person plans to stop... (spoiler: they don't)

Battle - how it works

To attack an enemy, click-drag from one of your tiles to an enemy tile.

The battle screen features three tiles located bottom-center, and you click-drag from these tiles onto another tile to perform an attack. The left tile corresponds to your left hand ability, the middle tile corresponds to your summon ability, and the right tile corresponds to your magical staff ability.

To summon an ally, click-drag from the middle tile onto one of the three tiles in front of the player. This will deplete your mana when used.

To attack with an ally, click drag from that ally onto an enemy tile. This will deplete that ally's stamina meter - allies can only attack when they have full stamina.

To use a magic attack, click-drag from the left or right tile.

At the beginning of the game, you only have one right/left handed attack available. Gain experience to unlock more attacks to use in battle!

Install instructions

Mac and Linux version requires Java to be installed on your system.


shepherds-tale.exe 32 MB
shepherds-tale.apk 25 MB
shepherds-tale.jar 32 MB

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